Offline Workshops

On this page you can find everything you need to organise your offline workshop. Download the canvases for each session at the bottom of this page. Besides the canvasses you will need some additional tools:

  • Sticky notes
  • Pens, markers and pencils
  • Stickers (you can use these to vote)
  • Inspirational documents like images or slides about the climate challenge

You’ll also need a room that is big enough for all your participants to gather and work. Make sure you can hang your canvases up the wall or on a board.

Some tips and tricks to organise an amazing offline workshop:

  • Make a short presentation about the topic you are going to discuss in the workshop
  • Start with the agenda of the day and end with the next steps you will be taking in this process. Schedule some coffee breaks in your agenda.
  • Make sure to bring some sticky notes, pens, markers and pencils in different colors
  • Book a nice room with some corners or book multiple rooms, so you can split up your participants in smaller groups

For each session, you will have to fill in a conclusion canvas. You will do this without the workshop participants. The conclusion canvas can be downloaded and printed, or you can create an offline workshop on this webtool and fill in the conclusion canvases online. This will also make it easier to post your experience on the blog of this webtool.

Workshop graphic