City of Lappeenranta, Finland

The city of Lappeenranta, in Finland, has a population of 73000, on a total area of 1724 km². The main climate risks and impacts faced are increased rainfall, extreme weather events and flood events. The city has been conducting a rehabilitation program for the neighbouring Lake Saimaa. Lappeenranta is also completing a new stormwater plan and a Climate program for both climate change mitigation.

Actions and expected results

  • Urban planning is threatened by the above-mentioned extreme events, especially water bodies. Flood water and water from melting snow bring contaminants (like microplastics, oils and other chemicals, but also nutrients and solid and organic matters), thus decreasing water quality both in the lake and in the city. In Finland, climate change means that more and more rain is coming during the winter times. The consequences for nature and the lake will be solved by the means of urban planning. Location on the shore of the unique lake region is the reason why the city has been established. It is used for recreation and has vital importance for tourism and industry.

  • Water management is thus central to overcoming these challenges. Nutrient loading is causing eutrophication of the lake and deteriorating its water quality. Lake water is a source of drinking water for the citizens. The City has committed to taking care of the biodiversity. There is a need for structural changes in the stormwater system, rehabilitation of the network and new means of stormwater management and treatment.

The urban runoff system will be improved and monitored with a set of new sensors and coupled monitoring of the contamination, water quality & flow within the drainage system. The monitoring platform will prove monitoring scalability and impact on fellow demonstrators. Choice experiments for the stormwater management system upscaling will also take place. Second, nature-based solutions will complete the runoff system. Third, amateur scientists and citizens, in general, will be engaged through monitoring activities of the previous solutions with a crowdsourcing app and screen.

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